John Anderson, Photographer | What I do

What I do...


From Architecture to Weddings, I like to think I photograph it all.  Children, Grandparents and pets.  Brides and Seniors, whatever part of life you are in, is a great time to have a portrait made.  Artists, Architects, Performers and Priests I have had them all in front of my camera.  Willing to tell your wedding story, or your adventure.  I have broken what I do into different portfolios for your enjoyment, and as samples of what I have done for others.  I work with all kinds of clients local and distant, government and private, large and small. I work hard to meet the specific outcomes of each job, on time, and on budget.

Architecture, Artists work, Commercial and Product, Portraits, and Weddings.

In addition, I have included my personal artwork in several portfolios.  All of these are available for purchase as a number of wall size photographs with or without framing, and Many Many products like iPhone cases, Mugs and even Blankets!  If you don't see it, ASK!  Ill try to accommodate any request.

Scenic and Landscape, Abstract and Fine Art, Bridges and Panoramas, and Flowers.