John Anderson, Photographer | About
I have been creating photographic art of the world around me since I was 15. Shells on the beach, the smile of a child at Disney World, an old wagon wheel, and blades of grass around a barb of wire were all images in my portfolio which gained me acceptance into the Rhode Island School of Design. I only wavered a moment when I declared my major during my freshmen year...I was there to study photography. At RISD I had the opportunity to study with some of the great photographers and artists of our time, and study the works of many others. My art has always been quiet and peaceful. I continue to search out settings and places to record where I can find peace. Living in New Hampshire allows me to fulfill this search many times over.
I have a studio in downtown Campton New Hampshire in a 200 year old Colonial where I live and work doing portraits and wedding photography. Studio hours are by appointment or by chance. I have been an photography educator since graduating from RISD. Currently teaching with the College of Lifelong Learning in Littleton, and on the State Council of the Arts Artist roster for Arts in Education participants. In the future I hope to open my studio to students after the completion of a darkroom for color and black and white printing, as well as a work station for digital imaging.
Technically I use all formats of camera from a Pin Hole 4x5 camera to a digital camera. All film captures are done with Ilford black and white negative film and printed on Ilford fiber paper. Many of my prints are made digitally. This allows me consistency that has been previously impossible printing by hand or making “custom” prints.