John Anderson, Photographer | Pemi Bridge Flume Gorge
Created 22-Jul-14
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The Pemi Bridge at the Flume gorge is one of the oldest covered bridges in the state, and maintained by the state, so it is well painted and looks great. The structure is reinforced with steel beams, but it appears that all the wood inside the bridge is original. they have weathered well. The sides are covered so you can't see all the truss work, but it is still a beautiful bridge. It is no wonder it is the MOST photographed bridge in the state. NH Bridge #39 You can find more information here.
pemi bridge outside warp copypemi bridge outside roundpemi bridge under warppemi bridge under roundpemi bridge inside warpedpemi bridge inside roundpemi bridge walkwaypemi bridge walkway roundDSC03528DSC03530DSC03535DSC08313DSC08316DSC08324DSC08330DSC08333DSC08336DSC08337DSC08339DSC08340

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