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Created 26-Nov-12
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Panoramas can be of different sizes and differing in their scope. I love finding scenes that can be totally encompassing and immersive. Looking in a circle 360 all the way around and looking up and down. Most of these panoramas include everything you can see from a single point, except a 36" circle just below the camera where the tripod sits.
The Bridges are also HDR allowing not just a 360 field of view, but also including all the detail, both in the shadows and highlights.
The strange distortion comes from stretching a single point above the camera to be across the entire top of the image. Think of a world map and how the closer to the poles you get, the more distorted the scale becomes. As a quick time movie these become interactive allowing both zooming in and out and moving all around so the image is not distorted.
Durgin inside 1Durgin birdg inside 2Durgin outsidebath bridge insidebath outside 1bath outside 2bath haverhill insidebath haverhill ousidebump insidebump outsideswiftwater insideswiftwater bridge outsideDSC01138 Panoramaliving room panoPanoramas4 faculty 1pano PSUPano2 finalpanoramarattlesnake_pano

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