John Anderson, Photographer | Blacksmith Shop Bridge Cornish
Created 25-Jul-14
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The Blacksmith Shop bridge is a bit off the beaten path. A sister to the bridge a couple miles down the road, the Dingleton hill bridge, it is built high over the little stream they ford. this one doesn't see any real traffic, and is over grown with a warning sign. It seems secure enough, and is picturesque in the extreme. NH bridge #21 you can find more information on the Bridge here:
blacksmith front warpblacksmith front roundblacksmith inside warpblacksmith inside roundblacksmith under  warpblacksmith under roundDSC03607DSC03610DSC03612DSC03615DSC03617DSC03618DSC03620DSC03622DSC03626DSC03630DSC03632DSC08545DSC08548DSC08549

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